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While Prepping With Redundancies

Most preppers take after the “principle of three” which expresses that for each prep and each arrangement there is a reinforcement, and for those reinforcements there is another reinforcement. Befuddled yet? No doubt, the vast majority are befuddled. Part of the disarray comes from individuals not understanding when you require a reinforcement versus when you require an excess, and the contrast between the two. Along these lines, for this article I will fill you in on how I see them and how I utilize each of them in preparing.


Reinforcements are essential in preparing. A decent case of a reinforcement is in your arranging forms. At the point when wanting to Bug Out you will at last need to delineate course from your area to your bug out area. Knowing very well indeed that this course could get to be traded off for any number of reasons you would need to make a reinforcement arrangement, which is another course with the same begin and destination.

At the point when managing things (blades, weapons, electric lamps, and so forth) a great many people will utilize the expression “reinforcement” to portray an optional gadget kept if there should be an occurrence of a disappointment or loss of the essential gadget. I concur with this use as the vast majority don’t guarantee that their reinforcement gadgets are precisely the same their essential gadgets. They will perform the same capacities, yet the make, model or style is in all probability going to appear as something else.


1A repetition is not only a reinforcement, it is a reinforcement of precisely the same, model or sort. The upside of using redundancies is that it permits you to benefit your things on the off chance that they breakdown with parts from other broke down gadgets of that line. A decent case would be a spotlight. In the event that you have five electric lamps of contrasting brands, sizes and lumens, then as they break they are pointless in a SHTF circumstance. Nonetheless, in the event that you have five electric lamps that are excess to each other and one breaks because of a lens breakdown and another breaks because of a battery association issue you can utilize the parts to concoct one working spotlight. Rather than having three abandoned despite everything you have four, thus on down the line. You have in actuality expanded the life of the instrument.

The most clear requirement for repetition in preparing (and minimum used) is in guns. Numerous preppers will gather an inconceivable exhibit of weapons of contrasting gauge, make, model and sort suspecting that the sheer number of weapons will suffice. This is an incorrect conviction that all is well with the world however as guns will wear out and break after some time. A shrewd prepper with numerous repetitive guns frameworks (all guns, rifles, shotguns of comparable makes, models and sorts) can without much of a stretch amplify the life of his guns utilizing pieces and parts from weapons that have failed or broken after some time. Rather than having seven unique guns of contrasting specs, maybe have seven guns of the same make, model and sort.

This goes past the normal routine of ensuring your weapons have compatible ammo and into having weapons with tradable parts. In a genuine SHTF occasion it might be somewhat hard to discover the parts and pieces you have to alter your weapons. Being able to settle them yourself by searching from your own stock would positively be a reward.

Ultimately, if the government manages to fuse another strike weapons boycott the parts expected to settle your current weapons may not be accessible. It would absolutely be prudent to have extra weapons or parts accessible amid such a boycott to keep your weapons working legitimately.

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