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Ontario 1400 ASEK Survival Knife System (Black)

UntitledIt is a really skilled survival knife. It doesn’t have very prolonged blade nevertheless it nonetheless can perform great items. This knife is fairly weighty, not as mild as other equivalent length knives. This knife has a lot of features to help you use it for numerous various instances. You can not only slice with it, also you may crack a glass with its butt cap or cut some wires with its strap cutter. It even includes a screwdriver provided. You’ll be able to sharpen your blade at any time but when you destruction it entirely, you are able to only change it with another blade. However it?s not so easy to damage this blade, it?s very robust and sturdy.

Ontario 1400 ASEK Survival Knife System (Black) Product Features

  • Blade is 4.95 inches long.
  • Item weight is 18.6 ounces.
  • Has electrically insulated, molded handle.
  • Can be used as a spear.
  • Has aluminum strap cutter with screwdriver, honing rod, butt cap lanyard and replaceable blade.

Ontario 1400 ASEK Survival Knife System (Black) Product Pros

  • Has many extra features
  • Can attach to belt or strap on leg
  • Very versatile
  • Safe handle

Ontario 1400 ASEK Survival Knife System (Black) Product Cons

  • Not very long blade

Ontario 1400 ASEK Survival Knife System (Black) Customer Reviews

On the list of modern customers of Ontario 1400 ASEK Survival Knife Method (Black) mentioned, I must say I actually such as this knife. The grip is great and feels extremely protected in the hand. The sheath is very nicely manufactured and feels of wonderful top quality. The knife was developed to be a pilot survival knife when the airplane ever went down, and so the saw on the backside in the blade was built to chop by means of aluminum while the serration to the edge is probably going for reducing via a shoulder harness.

Ontario 1400 ASEK Survival Knife Program (Black) is an extremely flexible and helpful knife for its welcoming selling price. This is a fantastic bargain.

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