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Hiking Rocky Mountain National Park Leaves You Breathless

download (1)One of the most incredible landscapes on earth is right about the center of America. The Rocky Mountain National Park is beautiful beyond words which is going to make my job just a wee bit difficult. Hiking Rocky Mountain National Park is a joy even if you dont like hiking. There are so many different things to see, smell and experience. If you live on the East or West Coasts, seeing the abundance of different wildlife, plant life and rock formations will be a real eye-opener as to Americas natural variety.

Getting To Rocky Mountain National Park

You can drive or take your RV to Colorado, if you are so inclined. If driving is out of the question because of the distance, consider flying. There is a wonderful international airport in Denver. However, from then on you need to rent a car or get some sort of transportation to the Rocky Mountain National Park, as its about two hours away. Hiking Rocky Mountain National Park is worth the trouble. Believe it or not, there is a taxi service from Denver International to Rocky Mountain National Park!

Estes Park

You can camp in Rocky Mountain National Park, but thats it for lodging. When I went to Rocky Mountain National Park, I stayed at the town next door called Estes Park. Although my trip happened in the late 1980s and only lasted a week, I still remember it vividly. There are lots of places to lodge and eat (and shop) in Estes Park and other neighboring town, Grand Lake. The weather is temperate in summer, the time I went, although that will be the most crowded time for hiking Rocky Mountain National Park.

If you live on sea level or near enough to it, you will need to take at least two days to get used to the altitude before you attempt hiking Rocky Mountain National Park. Altitude sickness is not fun to go through, although the locals will get a kick out of it. Take it easy and in a couple of days your body will usually get used to the altitude. Youll have lots to see by just sitting on a porch and watching all the birds, the funny black tufted-eared squirrels or the stars at night.

Hiking Tips

Only do part of the Park. Take it easy. Dont worry if you cant see it all. Just enjoy whats before you. Hiking Rocky Mountain National Park, I saw rock climbers scaling red cliffs, chipmunks scampering around a lake and beautiful little yellow flowers poking up out of a crack in a rock. Hiking Rocky Mountain National Park can be a religious experience if you take your time.

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