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The Happiness and the Survival Instinct

bHappiness and the Survival Instinct

Every single individual yearn and point toward the accomplishment of happiness. The quest for happiness is the principle drive that spurs and pushes their activities. All things considered, happiness is a tricky idea that does not have a reliable definition and a solitary strategy for accomplishment, accordingly every individual decides on an alternate technique for accomplishing the quite pined for happiness.Human conduct is controlled by a mind boggling arrangement of necessities, interests, urges, drives and feelings, all of which are affected by hereditary qualities and nature. Needs, interests, urges, drives and feelings (hereinafter: “propelling components”) don’t generally exist in full concordance but instead, to a specific degree, they may repudiate and nullify each other. Each individual keeps up a chain of importance of rousing variables which manages his behavior. This order is unsteady and transformable as per the particular circumstance. Among “stable” individuals, the level of progress is lower than among those characterized as “shaky”. Each individual has an alternate conduct design and distinctive rating for spurring variables. In any case, we are all propelled by the same craving to satisfy these inspiring variables on our way toward accomplishing the more inaccessible goal, the happiness.

“Supreme Happiness”

Keeping in mind the end goal to better comprehend the substance of the “happiness” to which we as a whole endeavor and which evades all of us of the time, we will investigate a farfetched idea known as “supreme happiness”. Total happiness is a state in which an individual achieves synchronous fulfillment and satisfaction with the greater part of the persuading variables. The greater part of his needs, both material and otherworldly, have been met, the greater part of his desires and drives have been fulfilled and he has accomplished the majority of the destinations and interests that he has set for himself. Undoubtedly, such a circumstance is unreasonable, as it is difficult to accomplish all goals without a moment’s delay, particularly since the rousing variables may even negate each other. Individuals who have accomplished flashing happiness have satisfied maybe a couple needs or desires, however they have yet to fulfill their different inclinations and drives, along these lines their happiness is never finished. Since outright happiness is unattainable, despite the fact that it is the pinnacle of our goals, we endeavor at all times to accomplish at any rate the relative transitory happiness. This is the place the chain of command of motivational variables, characterized separately by every individual in light of his qualities, comes into the photo. Some trust that a lot of cash will guarantee their happiness and consequently they put it as a top need; others trust that learning, satisfying their interest and making investigative disclosures will fulfill their requirements. However a few people look for admiration, honor or popularity while others trust that getting power and the capacity to impact individuals is the fundamental target. There are the individuals who look for peace, a sound and upbeat social and family life, while other individuals feel that satisfying their sexual yearnings ought to be on top of their needs; and there are the individuals who escape reality inside and out by utilizing drugs.

The Happiness Paradox

We should envision a man who has accomplished supreme happiness, a state in which the majority of his needs, encourages, drives, feelings and yearnings have been satisfied. In the event that time stopped, he would stay at the purpose of his supreme happiness. In any case, since time keeps on proceeding onward and seeing that there is nothing more to accomplish, the individual starts to experience fatigue, void and pointlessness, and if there is nothing more to achieve, that will amazingly prompt the sentiment unnecessary quality and undesirability of life. In the event that you have satisfied the greater part of your desires and yearnings – you have lost the purpose behind living and all that is left is to stop existing. This is better comprehended with the maxim “there is no great without awful”, i.e. with the goal us should see the great, there must be some terrible. On the off chance that all is great and there is no terrible, then there is no good.Happiness can be accomplished through opposing activities and strategies: war – peace, development – pulverization, love – despise, taking – giving, reward – revenge, complimenting – reprimanding, fulfilling another person or cheapening their happiness. What is by all accounts accomplishment to one might be seen as inability to another. Individuals who have accomplished something and accomplished transient happiness, appreciate less “happiness” when they achieve the same accomplishment for the second time, even less on the third et cetera There is additionally a mystery headed straight toward accomplish happiness. In the event that happiness is the accomplishment of all longings, then craving and aspiration are required fixings toward their accomplishment. However goal-oriented individuals should never be glad since they will dependably need increasingly. Then again, individuals who are “content with their offer” and who do not have any aspiration at all – they too will never have the capacity to achieve genuine happiness, since they will dependably fall behind without any accomplishments. The individuals who have achieved their goal and accomplished flashing happiness will need to proceed onward to vanquish progressively and greater objectives, until they come up short or until they choose to stop and continue living with an inclination that they could have succeeded with the following stage. In both cases, the feeling of happiness melts away.

The Pursuit of Happiness and the Survival Instinct

In the event that we characterize “happiness” as the fulfillment of requirements, interests, urges, drives and feelings (and in doing so,removing weights and tensions), we will find that the quest for happiness is not exclusively owing to individuals, but rather that it is really normal for every single living being. All creatures are roused by necessities, instincts, inclinations and goals; the principle ones being the craving to exist and breed. The circumstance in which the yearning for presence repudiates the craving of multiplication and the other way around can likewise exist in the set of all animals. There are numerous cases in which the procreative drive beats that of presence. The craving to enhance one’s circumstance as a methods for accomplishing “happiness” is likewise obvious in circumstances saw by an onlooker as self delivering damage or declining one’s condition, as on account of suicide or self demolition. From the viewpoint of the individual conferring suicide, demise – at one point – is by all accounts a superior other option to living. Numerous other self-destructive people look to accomplish “happiness through accomplishing an objective – as the kamikaze pilots did amid WWII and as suicide aircraft do these days. The longing to accomplish a target or fulfill a specific need and along these lines enhance one’s circumstance infrequently supersedes the craving to live. The quest for happiness is by all accounts more capable than the survival instinct.

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